The new version of DomainManager (DM) will take major steps towards providing users with a one stop management, optimization and reporting platform. Not only will you be able to manage large groups of domains from one dynamic interface, but you will also be able to optimize and track their performances.


DM's Reporting features allow users to easily filter, save and export information.

Domain Services

  • Redirect
  • Framed Redirection
  • Custom HTML Page
  • For Sale Page
  • Email Forwarding
  • IP Forwarding
  • Creating Sub Domains
  • Service by Geo Location
  • and more...


New infrastructure to emphasize stability, redundancy and performance.


"DM makes it easier to manage my porfolio and makes me more money." - Jared P.
"I am loving the recent changes. Much more user friendly and easier to navigate. Nice work!" - Scott

DM's Reporting features allow users to easily filter, save and export information. Reports are accessible in numerical or graphical form giving users a wide range of data and perspectives to draw upon. Frequently used reports can be saved as favorites on the user dashboard for easy access.

The DomainManager infrastructure has been redesigned from the ground up with an emphasis on stability, redundancy and performance.

Our service has been engineered to handle any traffic demands placed on it. We have placed DomainManager components in geographically separate data centers to mitigate physical risk and downtime for our users.

DomainManager provides a number of services to help users better manage their domains.
The following services are FREE & can be easily assigned to enhance large groups of domains.

URL redirection allows the visitors to a certain website to be forwarded to specified location. Redirects are especially helpful for similar domain names, moving sites to new domain names, short aliases for long URLs, and logging outgoing links.

Email Forwarding

Create alias emails @domain addresses forwarded and functional from to your own email address.

Framed Redirection

Redirect a web pages by directing the visitors to another URL while still displaying the original URL. Framed redirection is often called “cloaking,” and can be used for the reader to have a more memorable URL in the address bar.

IP Forwarding

Create an A or CNAME record for your domain. Easily set a domain to point a to a specific server.

Create Sub-Domains

Stay organized by creating sub-domains to specify various features and sections of your domains. Each sub-domain can be treated as it’s own domain, and handled accordingly.

Custom HTML Page

A page of custom HTML can hosted on Domain Manager. This is convenient for basic splash pages or even an advertisement.

For Sale Page

Sell unwanted domains with ease by displaying our “For Sale” page. The visitor will see the page is for sale and contact the owner.

Service by Geographic Location

This service helps DM users pinpoint important elements of visitor information, such as country, region, city, latitude and longitude; time zone, connection speed, ISP and domain name, and much more.

Domain Manager Professional delivers unprecedent performance and account management.

DomainManager was created by domainers for domainers to help them better manage their portfolios. Founder Richard Lau has worked to transform DM into a complete domain management system. Users can now manage more domains and more easily track their performances.

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